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You deserve a fulfilling career that's so much more than just pumping out designs for a (less-than-what-you-deserve) paycheck.

1x1 intensive


But after working for X many years you find yourself still sacrificing personal time to just be trapped in a hamster-wheel of passionless working to meet deadline after deadline.

Friend, you can be called into a creative career of fulfilling work, enhancing the workplace, loving what you do, and getting paid what you're actually worth. You just need the right guidance to get you there.

You started this career with a vision of doing something that is rooted in something you are passionate about
(and probably really good at).

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Isn't it time you finally put yourself first?

How It Works

 Fill out an application online - I'll review it to make sure I am the right fit to support you.
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I will reach out to schedule a call and we'll craft a custom agenda that details each part of your solution.


We'll meet for 90 minutes and I'll streamline and deliver a custom plan based off our call .


The problem isn't that your career dreams are "unrealistic." 

Early in my career I got bold and did things differently. It was scary at first but simultaneously thrilling.

What I discovered was that by not following what I thought was the way to do things, I experienced rapid growth, impact, and exciting opportunities that were unheard of by my peers.

That's when I learned that as designers, we are going about it all wrong, following a corporate framework that was not set up for creatives.

How YOU are meant to thrive in your passion and talent will not fit into the out-of-date, plug-and-play version of a corporate job meant for drones.

You can re-create for yourself a really successful design career through different strategies that actually put you and your colleagues first.

i know how it feels to be unsupported


Here's What You Need

More time for you, for your life.

You've been doing more of the same thing and it's been yielding the same results. You're ready to do things differently to see different results.

better Pay - Let's not be shy about this

You're likely being under-paid. And putting in more work and hours is not getting you any closer. You need to set yourself apart by consistently creating value.

freedom to do what you're great at

Going with the flow has stopped flowing you anywhere. You need to have clear direction with a strategic plan to move you where you want to go.


You’ll know exactly what’s coming, what questions to prepare, and have an opportunity to confirm you’ll be getting exactly what you need.

90 minute session | $597
with 2 weeks follow-up support | $747

1x1 Intensive





Curated, Results-driven, Immediately implementable strategy.
A one-time strategy intensive session that sets you up for long-term success.

We'll meet for 90 minutes for a focused 90-minute strategy session that will get you moving forward. 

90 minute strategy-packed session

I'll streamline and deliver a custom plan based on our call with a succinct checklist of actions to implement.

a custom plan

You’ll have the opportunity to ask follow up questions, get feedback & continued guidance as you implement, and accountability to see your project through.

2 weeks of follow up support (optional)

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Is This Right For You?


YOU feel like you're spinning your wheels & not going anywhere

YOu WANT TO BE MORE in control of your career & life

You're tired of being controlled by your job & missing out on life events

you're ready to do what it takes to put yourself first, above your job

Not everyone is the right fit for our 1x1 intensive.

Fill out an application online - I'll review it to make sure I am the right fit to support you.

After your application is approved, I'll reach out to you to schedule our initial call.

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