DIY Advent Holiday Calendar

November 29, 2018

I promise you it is so much easier than it looks! This is a piece that gives joy & excitement all month long while adding a beautiful and festive touch to your walls. Make it as a gift for your family, or make it together with your family as a fun weekend activity!

DIY Advent Calendar and Holiday Wall Decor

Gift + Home Decor + Holiday Activity = The Perfect Weekend!!

I surprised Josh with this advent calendar last year and he went absolutely giddy like a kid on Christmas Eve! Which was the exact response I was going for. 😉

I received such an overwhelming response from everyone who saw it online and/or in person so I made a mental note to make sure I share it the following year this time around so others can bring this same joy into their own homes!

I promise you it is so much easier than it looks.  

I wasn’t planning on doing a step-by-step DIY post when I made this last year so I am at the mercy of the only photos I took. Thankfully my OCD caused me to take this photo, so I have 1 close-up photo to share that includes my material! It was like it was meant to be.. 😀  

Grace Kim Portland DIY Advent Calendar Decor Steps


1)  Branch:  

Forage around your neighborhood or Park and find a branch you like. (I prefer one that is not perfect and straight across. I feel it gives is more character)

2)  Greenery:

Use your environment! It’s fun and free 🙂 I also got these greens from foraging around my neighborhood. These ones had baby pinecones on them. Don’t feel like you have to limit yourself to Christmas looking greenery either.Some ideas:* Cuttings from your Christmas tree (if you have a real tree)* Fake pieces from a craft store

* Eucalyptus branches would be beautiful! You can get fresh ones at a local floral shop or fake ones at your local craft shop!

3)  Wrapping

Have fun! You can use whatever you want! I went the difficult route and made different style wrappings using a paper bag from the grocery store, and plain white printer paper. It took me a long time…. You can do the same and it would be a family activity, or honestly it’s really inexpensive to buy pre-made bags 🙂Some Ideas:* Repurpose your paper bags* Wrapping Paper* Pre-made mini gift bags!

There are so many cute ones that are only a few bucks. You can also get mini brown ones at your local craft shop, or go onto Etsy and find a world of cute ones like these or these cute cotton drawstring bags.

4)  String/Ribbon

*Because I went with Brown & White paper wrappings I added some fun color by using red & white twine. I got a 15 yard spool for $1 at Michael’s. 


The fun part! 

Filling the little gifts with goodies! Pick whatever you think they’d like!

* I went traditional for the most part and bought a few bags of Josh’s favorite candies and mixed them up. There were a few surprises mixed in there (like that big bag was a fun pair of Christmas Boxers)6)  Floral Wire (optional?):

You need this to attach & secure the greenery onto the branch. However, If you don’t want to waste money on something you won’t use again, I think you’ll be able to make it work by using the ribbon/string you already have.



(You can’t see in this photo but I have firefly lights wrapped around the branch)


Have fun and give it your own twist! Add little ornaments or garland on the branch!



When you lay out the presents to tie them on the branch, alternate from Left side to right side. That way the decoration always stays balanced as each gift is removed. 

This is a piece that gives joy all month long and I’m excited to see how you make yours and how your loved ones enjoy them! Share it on instagram and include the hashtag #GKPChrismas so I can see your magical creation!

Christmas Day!

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