DIY Advent Calendar by Grace Kim Portland

DIY Advent Holiday Calendar

I promise you it is so much easier than it looks! This is a piece that gives joy & excitement all month long while adding a beautiful and festive touch to your walls. Make it as a gift for your family, or make it together with your family as a fun weekend activity!



Why Portland? The #1 Question I Get Asked.


From Fraud to Success: How I Became a Designer


Prague in Less than 24 Hours


Cheap Fashion: Not So Cheap


The world is set up so that we don’t make an impact. It’s no wonder we are walking around completely lost in our identities and purpose.

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Difference Between Thrift and consignment shopping blog post

Two fun alternative shopping options to satiate your desire to shop ’til you drop while being conscious of both the environment and your wallet!

Thrift vs. Consignment: What’s the Difference?


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Blog Post by Grace Kim Portland on Fast Fashion

What is fast fashion? Eco-friendly Shopping (1 of 3): The true price of cheap fashion.

Cheap Fashion: Not-So-Cheap


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Life Changing Magic of Folding Clothes Blog by Grace Kim Portland

“There is nothing more satisfying than finding that ‘sweet spot.'” <- To be honest, when I first read that I thought she was being a little extra. Until I tried it.

The Life-Changing Magic of Folding Clothes


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DIY Tutorial on How to Make a Tutu Skirt and a Bird Costume

A step-by-step tutorial on how I made a tutu skirt turned Hedwig Costume

How to Make a Tutu Skirt and/or Bird Costume


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100 Roses Blog Post Grace Kim Portland

New to the city, 2 years ago I wrote a post in a facebook group of strangers to see if anyone would want to join me in handing out 100 roses and 100 balloons to random people. To my surprise, 2 brave souls were up for the adventure.

100 Roses, 100 Balloons, 200 Strangers.


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Cut out buyer’s remorse & time spent in the fitting room. 3 steps for how to make better decisions in the fitting room, when shopping for clothes.

3 Steps for Making a Decision in the Fitting Room


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For me, I had to sew a sweater. It started off as a simple need and a simple why.

How to Conquer Your Fear of Failure


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