5 Essential Oils You Should Have

May 10, 2021

Essential oils don’t have to be intimidating! I’m here to break it down and make them more approachable

FUN (perhaps not so fun) FACT:

It takes only 26 seconds from the time something comes in contact with our skin, until traces of it can be found in every organ of our body.

This is why we care about the amount of toxins in our daily care products.

This is one of the reasons we’re searching for alternatives to many of our store bought goods.

And this is where essential oils have entered our lives.

Essential oils can seem intimidating at first but they don’t have to be.

Josh and I are careful about what we put into our bodies as well as what we put out into the environment. So incorporating oils in our daily lives have suited our lifestyle. But that was a process that happened over time as we slowly learned the function of essential oils one at a time.

I’m here to make essential oils less intimidating and break down the basics as best as I can to make them more approachable for any one!

What are they?

Essential oils are the aromatic liquid that is distilled from plants, roots, trees, leaves, and fruit. 100% pure essential oils have nothing else added to them.

What are they used for?

They’re used to clean out our bodies, clean out toxins, and to support us every day through every season.

They’re a great natural alternative to many things in home, beauty, cleaning, self-care, first-aid etc in addition to being friendly for the environment!

How do you use them?

There are 3 ways to use them:

  1. Aromatically: Through something like a diffuser or smelling straight from the bottle.
  2. Topically: They can be applied to the skin, either directly or diluted with another oil (such as coconut oil).
  3. Internally: They can be ingested in a vegetable capsule, or in liquid.

However you choose to use them, any way is going to benefit you. Essential oils are adaptogenic, meaning they work with your body and will do what your body needs. So you and I could use the exact same oil and experience different benefits, depending on what our bodies need.

The brand I use:

I use Young Living because they have incredible purity standards and quality control. They own several of their own farms and partner with many that all have to follow their “seed to seal promise.” Which means everything is tested 3 times to make sure nothing but what they say is in the bottle, is in the bottle.

It’s their transparency that makes them a trustworthy company to me.

Most companies don’t allow people to come and view their operations. You just have to take their word for it. But Young Living invites everyone to come tour the farms, distilleries, and even participate in planting, harvesting and distilling!

That being said, I am also open to a select few other brands just for scent purposes. Such as different blends they may have. But because they don’t seem to have the same transparency standards, I would not feel confident ingesting or using them on my body.

I also have a monthly membership with Young Living so I don’t find myself needing to buy outside of the company.

A few great oils to start with:

Lavender:  Also known as the Swiss army knife of essential oils for it’s multi-functional and multi-beneficial purposes. It’s calming, supports the skin, and wonderful for emotions. Josh and I found that we slept so much better and woke up more well-rested whenever we diffused this at night.

Lemon:  Lemon is a natural detox so this essential oil is great diffused or consumed. I’ll cook with this oil and Josh loves adding a drop into this water. This oil’s hidden superpower is in cutting through grease. Gum in your hair? Grab this oil. Hands covered in black grease? A few drops of this oil is all it takes. Can’t get the glue off the bottle from the label? Just add 1 drop of this oil. It’s amazing!

Peppermint:  This oil is a “hot” oil, meaning it’s got that icy-hot characteristic. It’s great for soothing your stomach, clearing your head, clearing any stuffiness and waking you up. It’s a great afternoon-pick-me-up!

When spring is (literally) in the air, these 3 staples are a must. Every year the combination of Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint essential oils help me to battle all things spring.

Tea Tree:  This is the oil Josh uses most. And It’s right up there with lavender on multifunction. Josh uses it after he washes his face to keep his skin clear and we like to take this oil camping with us because of its cleansing and bug-repelling properties. When we’re sick and congested we like to rub this oil on our chest and throat and nose to soothe us. Like peppermint it’s also got a tingling effect so take care not to touch your eyes.

Thieves Cleaner: This is not an essential oil but it is an essential oil and plant based All-Purpose cleaner which is what made me a believer in the power of essential oils and natural products. We use this on EVERYTHING. From taking out blood stains, to cleaning bathroom mildew, to cleaning kitchen counters. It comes extremely concentrated making it ridiculously affordable! Plus, it smells like Christmas!

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